Ready to learn about the science behind Replener? You have come to the right place.

Human hair is comprised of 95% keratin, which is a form of protein found in human hair, skin and nails. Hair relies upon keratin to stay strong and plentiful, and by applying it straight to the source using Replener’s revolutionary treatment of keratins strands, you’ll be able to restore thinning strands in a matter of moments.

It couldn’t be easier to apply Replener’s keratin strands. Just stand before a mirror and identify the problem areas of your hair – whether that’s a parting that is growing wider and more pronounced by the day, a bald spot from the crown that started small but is seemingly expanding at a rate of knots, or generally thinning follicles all over that appear to be tumbling out every time you run a comb through your hair.

Once you have decided where Replener will serve you best, simply shake the keratin strands into position. These fibres – which are every bit as natural as the follicles that sprout from your own crown – will then blend and bond with the hair that’s already in position on your head. This isn’t a cosmetic fix that simply covers the problem and will run the moment you step outside in the rain, or blow away with a sharp gust of wind. Replener genuinely repairs your existing strands, and creates a full and shiny head of hair to leave you looking ten years younger and feeling fantastic – all through a completely organic and natural product that is simply adding genuine hair to your own genuine growth.

Replener is easy to apply by yourself at home, so there’s no need for an expensive visit to your local salon; your use can be a secret between you and us, and it’s a secret that everybody you come into contact with will be begging you to share. The use of Replener doesn’t mean that you can no longer experiment with different hairstyles, either; it’s available in a range of colours, meaning that you can find a shade – either from the pack or by mixing and matching – that perfectly blends in with your own look, whether that’s a traditional colouring or highlighted and treated.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by picking up Replener and starting the process of restoring your hair today, even if you are yet to experience the symptoms of potential baldness. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and there is absolutely nothing artificial about Replener. Can you really have too much thick, natural hair?