• Applicator Spray £11.95

    The unique and revolutionary hair thickening keratin qualities found in Replener cannot be replicated in any kind of spray-in product, but that isn’t to say that such products should be disregarded. This applicator spray is a fantastic way of proving aftercare to your freshly treated and newly refined head of hair, holding the newly-applied follicles firmly in place and protecting your hair from the elements.

    Replener is not an artificial product akin to a wig, so there is no need to worry about your application of the product being blown away by a sharp gust of wind. This spray, however, will offer strong and sturdy protection from heat – particularly useful for users who wish to apply electrical appliances such as hairdryers or straighteners to their follicles.

    What’s more, the spray will add further layers of keratin to your hair, strengthening the strands even further and thickening them up. Think of applicator spray as the oil to the engine of the hair thickening fibres, and be assured that it’s every bit as essential to the process for the unmistakable results that only Replener can provide.

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    Hair Thickening Fibres + Applicator Spray (Combo) £34.95 £27.95

    Replener works at a record-breaking pace, but customers can save even more time by picking up two products at once. In a single checkout, you can purchase a complete care package of fibres and applicator spray that will change your world in less than a minute. This is all just another example of how Replener is looking out for you and changing your life, one strand of hair at a time.

    To take advantage of this combination pack, simply select the shade(s) of Replener that match your existing hair follicles and apply them. Wait thirty to sixty seconds, and admire the unparalleled speed and effectiveness at which this product works and restores your hair to a thick and luxurious status, then take up the applicator spray, which will lock those gloriously natural and organic Replener strands firmly into place, while adding even more volume. This whole process will take up less than two minutes of your day, and yet simultaneously shave ten years from your appearance.

    There are other products on the market that claim to restore hair and stimulate growth, but none can compare to the cutting edge science applied by Replener. The results speak for themselves – can you think of one good reason why you should not be bringing Replener into your life?


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