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Hair Loss Laser Comb

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So, you’re looking for a laser comb? Of course you are. Thankfully, you have come to the right place – the Replener model is the finest on the market, and will restore your hair in a matter of moments. Start using this product as part of your daily routine and you can shed years from your appearance at an even faster than the hair loss that will soon be a part of your past.

As light as a regular hairbrush, making it perfect for travel, and packed with different modes so that you tailor the potency of the laser to your personal circumstances, the Replener laser comb could not be easier to utilise.

Simply run the comb over the problem areas of your scalp for around fifteen minutes, three times a week. That’s it – there are no additional shampoo or conditioning treatments required, and no appointments to be made with a specialist at an overpriced clinic.

Best of all, everything provided by the Replener laser comb comes from within; you’re adding no foreign elements to your body with the use of this product. It simply stimulates the natural growth of hair follicles that should be occurring as part of the natural three-pronged process of hair growth, lending nature a helping hand when required.

You’ll find your growth follicles stimulated by the cutting edge technology – which contains no harmful chemical agents or LEDs – and before you know it, you’ll look and feel fantastic. Pick up your comb now, and we promise that you’ll be questioning just why it took you so long.

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Therapy:                            EMS+RF+LASER+PHOTON+Micro vibration
Power:                                AC-100-240V, 50/60HZ, 3W, rechargeable with USB cable for charging
Size:                                    18.5*4.5*5.5cm
Photon Wavelength:        630-650nm. 8pcs leds
Laser Therapy:                  Over 7000hours. 3 laser emit head
Power of Laser:                 1mW-5mW
Time:                                   1-10 minutes adjustable


Laser accelerates blood circulation of scalp and improves metabolism.
Stimulates hair folicles
Reduce oil excretion
Anti hair loss
Improve scalp health and hair quality
EMS & RF stimulate the scalp to dredge blocked pore and activate hair follicles
Micro vibrations stimulate hair follicles and promote hair regrowth


Portable for home use
8pcs leds
4pcs laser leds
12pcs stainless steel comb teeth
3pcs RF emit head



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