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Hair Thickening Fibres

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Applying hair-thickening fibres from the comfort of your own home could not be simpler. All you’ll need is a mirror and a supply of Replener.

Firstly, choose what Replener shade best suits your needs – there’s an example of our revolutionary product for every requirement, whether your preferred aesthetic is thick, jet-black hair or dignified silver. You can even pick up more than one and create a unique, bespoke look especially tailored to you. Remember, the glory of Replener is that it’s all natural and organic, and you’re simply adding hair to hair.

Once you’re ready to make a start, just decide where you will be best served by applying Replener. This could be the crown, a side parting or simply all over your head. Then, gently apply the keratin fibres to the areas in question. This may take a couple of attempts to master completely, but it’s a deceptively simple process and leaves no mess or trace. Forget visions of hair dye that create a scene of devastation in your bathroom and take several hours to clean up – Replener is as clean as it is effective.

Once you’re done, simply stand back and marvel at the results of Replener, contemplating how you have applied a miracle cure for thinning hair. In under a minute your follicles will be stimulated and your work is done, and you’re ready to nail that first date, job interview or family event. Just be prepared to run a gauntlet of compliments, astounded at how young you look.

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Replener Hair Building Fibres:

Hair Building Fibres will assist you to build a natural fuller head of hair in seconds. Suitable for men and women.


Use on dry hair. Shake liberally over thinning hair area. Gently pat hair to disperse fibres. Style as usual. For greater durability use applicator spray.


Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, Iron Oxides.


For external use only. If irritation or rash appears discontinue use. Avoid inhalation.

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black, dark brown, light brown, medium brown


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